About Us

Moepi publishing is a company that emerged out of desire to do educate and inspire children from early development by its founding owner. The business main objective is to publish children’s books and educational material such as posters based on an African child’s perspective.

The Company’s objective is to produce educational and entertaining material that will resonate with the imagination of every child. The motivation for such is derived from having lack of access to children’s inspirational material that can inspire and motivate children at early development.

What sets us apart

Our Mission

  • To create accessible Edu-entertainment material for children
  • Publish books that are affordable and accessible
  • Turn Moepi publishing into reputable publishing house that distribute across Africa and globally
  • To develop a global brand that touches the human heart


  • To produce and publish children’s books.
  • To produce educational material (e.g. posters).
  • To groom and mentor young talent in delivering a high quality products.
  • To play an imperative role in the economy by producing and sourcing material within South Africa.
  • To build a leading publishing brand for the African continent

Executive Team

Matau Ramapuputla is a teacher, author and a woman in ICT, Matau is an Entrepreneur who has a passion for children and changing societal stereotypes about children with special needs. Matau presents a progressive career path of effective project management, systems implementation and training within multiple corporate and academic institutions. In 2016 Matau was awarded the opportunity to present a paper at the International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment in Hamburg, Germany, on collaboration and user involvement, entitled “Diversification of Construction projects by implementing collaboration and Information Sharing tools.”

With an MTech degree in Business Information Systems, bolstered by extensive experience in driving project success and the associated change thereof, Matau is singularly qualified to expertly manage and maintain the company’s technology infrastructure.

Matau’s role within Moepi publishing is to

  • Research and identifies organisational growth opportunities and challenges. Recommends strategic road maps that maximise revenue and effectively meet media market needs and trends.
  • Build and maintains network of colleagues and partners to share information and obtain prospects | Acquires new opportunities for key partnerships and investments.
  • Develop and ensures effective execution of sales and marketing plans.
  • Develop and maintains business product/services portfolio.
  • Oversee planning and management of accounts and sales funnel, and ensures closing of deals.
  • Collaborate with sales professionals, executives, product vendors, and clients to identify and present solutions that address client’s needs.
  • Facilitate long-term strategic and profitable client relationships | Serves as primary executive interface for clients.
  • Liaise across and coordinates between other departments in ensuring achievement of business objectives.